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We incorporate hardscaping into our projects to provide structural support and enhance landscapes. Our professionally designed and installed hardscapes range from beautifully designed flagstone pathways to intricate and stunning rock walls. Other examples of our hardscaping experience include large boulder design/placement, retention walls, permeable pavers, and bluestone patios.  

Bluestone & Boulder

Joyce-Slack XeriGarden Thru.JPG
webster woods and shady august 2007 007.
Joyce-Slack Xerigarden_2.JPG

Stone & Retaining Walls

Late Autumn Coallier Stonework 004.JPG
Fieldstone Retaining Solution.JPG
Whittier-Ferguson Rhodos.JPG

Other Hardscapes

Sand-Mold Paver Patio with curbs.JPG
Brick Terrace.JPG
Natural-Cut Bluestone Patio.JPG
Bluestone in the Garden.JPG
Bluestone and Brick Cottage Veranda.JPG
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